Calf-Tel Story

Calf-Tel Story

You Lead Us to Ever-Greener Pastures

Okay, so it’s a lame metaphor. We’re calf-raisers, not writers.

Still, the fact remains, every day for 35 years we’ve reminded ourselves of one thing: Behind each of the roughly two-million calves raised in Calf-Tel housing annually, there’s a farm. And that farm, whether home to 10 head or 10,000, sets the direction for where we go next.

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In other words, when you talk to us about your setup, your challenges, or your big ideas, we listen. And because we speak your language, because we too have deep experience raising healthy calves, we’re in the perfect position to use your input as our guide. That’s how we create the most durable, labor-efficient, and cost-effective solutions available. And that’s how you raise healthier, more productive calves.

Hampel, manufacturer of Calf-Tel products, has been perfecting the art and science of thermoforming heavy-gauge plastic since 1976.

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