30|84 (8’ Pen)

30|84 (8’ Pen)

The Original Modular Pen
I-Series - 30|84 (8’ Pen)

30|84 (8’ Pen)

Next-generation design means greater cost-effectiveness today

The cornerstone to a healthy, productive calf is ventilation – something we strive for in every housing product we build. The 30|84 8' AirMax side panel uses the same technology as our AirMax back, allowing maximum pen ventilation from all angles. Developed for producers looking to slowly acclimate calves to the group or for stand-alone raising. The modular pen system is able to grow with your herd. Building on a legacy of innovation, we’ve worked with you, the farmer, to design new pen fronts that work seamlessly with existing Calf-Tel pens—while also providing enhanced features that improve productivity for 21st-century operations.

  • 30|84 8' size only available with AirMax sides
  • Exclusive 6-way door opens inward or outward to meet individual preference
  • Easy-grip XL handle—because you want to keep your gloves on in winter
  • Proprietary encapsulated thermoforming process
  • Steel-reinforced door frame—the only one of its kind
  • Easy for one person to set up, configure, and expand
  • Available with AirMax (pictured) or Standard back panels
  • Interlocks back-to-back and side-to-side to easily configure to your facility - AirMax panels cannot be used in back-to-back configuration

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Dimensions English Metric
Pen Front 24 lbs. 11 kg.
Pen Back - Standard 19 lbs. 9 kg.
Pen Back - AirMax 21 lbs. 10 kg.
8' AirMax Side Panel* 45 lbs. 20 kg.
Component Kit** 11 lbs. 5 kg.

*L-Rods included in the Pen Sides

**Component Kit includes: handle (and hardware), two pail holders, two pails (choice of black or white), and pen divider.

Dimensions English Metric
Width 4' 122cm
Lengths Available 8' 244cm
Height 3.75' 114cm

Features & Benefits

Easy Grip, XL Handle

Easy-grip, XL handle

Designed for efficiency and speed when feeding, changing bedding or reconfiguring the pens.

Snap-in pail holder

Snap-in pail holder

Made from heavy-duty materials and precision fit for long life and reliability.

6-way door hinge

6-way door hinge

Maximizes versatility for a custom fit, no matter the space

Airmax Back

AirMax back

Helps create an ideal microenvironment to optimize calf health.

AirMax Side

AirMax side

Increase ventilation and airflow and allow for socialization of calves.



Rugged and easy to use for fast assembly and take-down.

Adjustable Ventilation

Adjustable ventilation

Optional vents let you find the perfect balance between airflow and heat retention

Standard Back

Standard Back Panel

Standard back panel with basic ventilation. Should be used when configuring pens back-to-back.

This is What Makes it a Calf-Tel

No other solution can boast our combination of features and benefits.

Whether you have a herd of 10 or 10,000, indoors or out, the Calf-Tel® family of products offers the world’s best and most cost-effective systems for raising healthy, productive calves.

The Way We Make Our Products
The Way We Make Our Products

There's always more than one way to do something, but only one best way. We thermoform Calf-Tel hutches out of extruded sheets of polyethylene. This process results in a molecular bonding within the plastic that is far superior to any other form of manufacturing--providing unmatched strength and durability.

As Reliable As Your Best Milking Cow
As Reliable As Your Best Milking Cow

The structural integrity of our Calf-Tel hutches are proven to stand the test of time. It's not unusual to see our hutches still in use after 25 years on the job. Calf-Tel's high-molecular weight is combined with a UV-blocking pigment--preventing premature degradation of the plastic. One less thing to worry about.

We Care About Comfort
We Care About Comfort

Happy, healthy calves are a direct result of comfort and climate. The opaque material used on Calf-Tel hutches acts as a barrier to direct sunlight, producing shade and lower temperatures. This material also reduces condensation, often found in translucent hutches, which can build up during dramatic shifts in weather--keeping calves dryer during cold winter days.

We Go with the Flow
We Go with the Flow

Ventilation is critical in limiting respiratory illness and eliminating heat stress. The flow of air is strategically engineered into Calf-Tel hutches, and enhanced by an extra-large adjustable ventilation opening (largest in the industry) for maximum comfort and breathability. Our indoor pen systems feature the AirMax panel for improved air-flow in challenging conditions.

We Promote Biosecurity
We Promote Biosecurity

Many materials on the market are extremely porous, an open door for bacteria, pathogens, manure acids and other undesirables. Calf-Tel's smooth surfaces don't have any pores, making them impervious to said undesirables, and super-easy to clean and maintain.This all contributes to lower mortality, morbidity and overall treatment costs, leading to enhanced calf growth.

Money Talks
Money Talks

For over 35 years, Calf-Tel has been producing products that are built to stand the test of time. Longer-lasting product leads to lower lifetime costs. Combine this with the cost savings and benefits of superior calf health, and you can see why approximately 2-million calves are raised in Calf-Tel housing systems worldwide each year.

To improve calf raising efficiencies yet still provide individual and isolated care to our young calves. The Calf-Tel Pen System allowed us to achieve both goals. The Calf-Tel Pen System is lightweight, easy to maneuver, assemble and disassemble. These attributes make cleaning and sanitizing between calves very easy. The addition of the open air backs has further improved our calf management, providing a means to keep air flow to the calves and minimize respiratory disease risk.
Joel Sutter, Fertile Ridge Diary Mount Horeb, WI

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