The most space and cost efficient calf hutch available
The Calf-Tel Compact is the most efficient solution for smaller sized calves or shorter-term calf housing needs. The Calf-Tel Compact is easy to clean, store and transport. When space is a concern, the Calf-Tel Compact’s reduced footprint increases the number of hutches you can use in a given area. The standard, one-of-a-kind, fully adjustable rear door is ideal for ease of bedding and increased ventilation.

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Full Open Bedding Door
Superior Ventilation
Fully Adjustable - Keep Calves Warm and Dry


  • The most efficient rear-bedding door of its kind
  • Superior ventilation provided by both ridge top vents and an adjustable rear vent that provides a larger ”open window of air“ for your calf than any other hutch on the market
  • Extremely durable, but light enough to handle easily
  • Completely opaque plastic protects calves from the heat of the sun in the summer and from excess condensation in the winter
  • Galvanized steel base provides greater structural integrity and durability
  • Designed to allow each calf to seek its ideal microenvironment –from a sunny spot in the pen or entryway to a protected spot in the far back of the hutch
  • Compact and economical

Site Layout

Space Requirements

  • With a fenced area, the Calf-Tel Compact dimensions are approximately 3.5ft. (107cm) wide by 10.5 ft. (320cm) long.
  • We recommend 1 ft. (30cm) between the calf contact points of each unit with a fence.



Outside 58" L x 43" W x 46" H 147cm x 109cm x 117cm
Inside Useable Calf Space 55" L x 40" W x 41" H 140cm x 102cm x 104cm
Hutch Weight 46 lbs. 21 kg.