The First of its Kind - Calf-Tel ECS
The Calf-Tel ECS Elevated Calf System is a plastic, climate controlled, elevated calf housing system. Designed as an effective alternative to traditional wood calf housing, the ECS plastic construction offers enhanced durability and facilitates a cleaner environment for sustainable calf health over wood construction. Additionally, the high molecular weight polyethylene will withstand the most brutal weather conditions and is further enhanced by UV-blocking pigment to prevent break down.


Innovative plastic "Soft Grate" floor provides a comfortable calf raising surface and reduces bioburden with improved ventilation and waste pass-through. The steel base reduces bioburden and provides years of low maintenance service.
Roof can be opened for natural sunlight and enhanced ventilation, or shut during foul weather to keep the elements out, and both calf and feed dry. Hinged door provides easy calf portage in and out of the ECS.
The base-skirt design can be closed to the ground during low temperature months to keep warm air from escaping and cold air out. The heavy duty skirt is easily removed for added ventilation during the hot summer months.
Rear ventilation hatches, when opened, are designed to provide superior airflow compared to any other hutch on the market.
Solid steel base designed for maximum durability to withstand the rigors of heavy use over time.


  • ECS is easier to clean and disinfect than standard wood hutches
  • Easy to move, manage and maintain your units
  • Easy to feed, water and bed your calves
  • Minimizes bedding, feed times and general labor
  • Improved circulation through strategically placed vents
  • Warm and unpleasant air released through roof
  • Raised hutches receive added flow of relief
  • Base skirt eliminates floor drafts
  • Unit closes to shield against rain or snow
  • Sliding roof provides natural light or shade
  • Quickly open and close roof for impending weather
  • Hinged door system for added security
  • Fits inside of a standard 8’ x 5’ wood base and provides more room for the calf

Site Layout

The Calf-Tel ECS is designed to be used as a system, however, the hutch will fit inside of a standard 8' x 5' wood base.


Outside 67" L x 48" W x 48" H 170cm x 122cm x 122cm
Inside Useable Calf Space 57" L x 46" W x 46" H 145cm x 117cm x 117cm
Unit Weight 65 lbs. 30 kg.