Short term, modular, cost-effective solution for
indoor calf raising

Calf-Tel‘s free-standing, modular, indoor pen system now has a 4‘5” long Maternity Pen option. Calf-Tel‘s smaller size Maternity Pen provides added flexibility for short-term calf housing. The Maternity Pen takes up less space than full size pens making it a space and cost saving solution for your maternity housing needs. Calf-Tel pens are backed by the longest track record of success on the market

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Adjustable Venting
Rugged, Easy to use steel L-rods
Optional Feed Divider
Standard Rugged Pen Divider
Adjustable Bucket Height - No Need To Move Door Frame
Nearly full-open back for more ventilation


  • Adjustable buckets – independent of door frame
    • Saves on Labor – no need to move entire frame
    • Eliminates gap at bottom for bedding to escape
  • Optional feed pail divider reduces feed waste
  • Wider door for improved access and ventilation
  • Higher standard pail height
  • Easily mount an optional nipple pail
  • Calf-Tel Maternity Pen Individual
  • New pail holders limit calves from knocking out buckets
  • Improved handle for increased strength
  • Space saving – ideal for short-term calf raising
  • Compatible with Calf-Tel Pen system and accessories
  • Easy to set up, configure, expand, and truly only requires one person
  • Easy to sanitize to ensure ultimate calf health
  • Rugged, long-lasting, solid steel hardware connectors take only seconds to configure
  • Pen dividers and solid side panels to keep calves separated
  • Interlocks back-to-back and side-to-side to easily configure to your facility
  • Superior ventilation with standard adjustable rear venting
  • Separated feed buckets – keeps feed dry
  • Free standing and modular – does not require permanent installation
  • Steel reinforced door frame – the only steel reinforced plastic door of its kind
  • Optional accessories and components – adapts to all management styles and practices:
    • AirMax Back for maximum ventilation
    • Bottle holders
    • Feed pail dividers

Site Layout

Space requirements will vary depending on individual configurations. When using the AirMax, the pen system can only be configured side-by-side.

  • Pen Width 4 ft. (122cm)
  • Pen Lengths 4.5ft. (135cm)


Pen Component Weights

Pen Front - Original 28 lbs. 13 kg.
Pen Front - 2012 24 lbs. 11 kg.
Pen Back - Standard 19 lbs. 9 kg.
Pen Back - AirMax 21 lbs. 10 kg.
4.5" Side Panel * 26 lbs. 12 kg.
Component Kit ** 7.8 lbs. 4 kg.

*L-Rods included in the Pen Sides
**Component Kit includes: handle (and hardware), two pail holders, two pails (choice of black or white), and pen divider. 

Assembled Pen Dimensions

Width 4’ 122cm
Lengths Available 4’5” 135cm
Height 45" 114cm