Group transition housing
The MultiMax Group Calf Raising System helps calves transition from individual systems to a manageable group environment.

When calves raised individually are placed in large groups, the stress from competition and social pressure can lead to setbacks in growth and health. Placing 4 to 6 similarly sized weaned calves in a MultiMax is the best way to ease the transition. Continued growth and health will be attained as animals bond into a social group.

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Treated Lumber Base
Large Entry Way
Optional Vent, Ideal for Ventilation and Observation


  • Constructed of high molecular weight polyethylene that will not breakdown and deteriorate.
  • Large entryway, for maximum ventilation.
  • Extra hutch height – allow animals to stay in the unit longer.
  • Treated lumber base, provides a stable and secure foundation.
  • Ridge top ventilation for improved air circulation.

Site Layout

Four common ways the MultiMax is used:

  • Prepared Site: Place the MultiMax on a well-drained surface (gravel, crushed stone or sand). This will keep calves dry and healthy. Outside pen required.
  • Rotating Site: Place one MultiMax in a small pasture and move the unit and its pen periodically.
  • Large Common Pasture: Place multiple MultiMax’s in a large pasture with bigger groups. Position the units near each other, as the herd will not separate to housing in different locations.
  • Group/Robotic Feeding: When group feeding methods are being employed, the MultiMax provides an ideal group housing solution.


Outside 86.5" L x 107.5" W x 72" H 220cm x 273cm x 183cm
Inside Useable Calf Space 82" L x 102" W x 71" H 208cm x 259cm x 180cm
Hutch Weight 235 lbs. 107 kg.